It’s about quenching a different kind of thirst – a thirst to feel my inner truths, respond to situations and not react to triggers, to live peacefully at higher altitudes. No hocus pocus. Just a heartfelt courageousness to live and love. ~Karen L. (Re: Inquiry Method™ Mountain Experience)

Gathering is a short workshop where emotional clearing and healing will free you to live your own true, joyful, and abundant life. It will take place in a small group in a quiet casual setting. It will include:

During the Gathering, you will gain insight and learn the tools to:

Gathering Calls are a series of follow-up one-and-a-half-hour group calls for participants in the Gathering. These calls will be:

Personal Coaching Call (or Facetime Session) can be arranged upon an individual’s request. It will be facilitated by a Freedom To Fly coach or an Inquiry Method™ coach of your choosing.

Freedom To Fly coaches, mentors and teachers are great facilitators for exponential change. Ultimately though, it is YOU who discovers a new sense of clarity and possibility; and an awakening of who YOU really are and what YOU really want. These calls are customized to serve you and your frequency preferences with a consideration for your budget

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